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My work is not easy to explain. In this section I would like to show you what I'm working on now, my projects and the concept behind them.

I feel pure and authentic, because I still believe in the power of Independent Cinema. I want to achieve the most Epic Independent Film Festivals ever seen, and Latina gave me this opportunity.
Join me and participate with your work at the Latina Independent Film Festival!


Cinemagia Movie Awards

I want to show you my newest creation, Cinemagia Movie Awards, an ambitious and magical Online Independent International Film Festival that was born as an offshoot of the prestigious CINEMAGIA ONLINE platform
Discover more here!

" Cinema needed more spaceMove online seemed to me the only solution..."


Horror Habitat

Mystery, horror and supernatural creatures have finally found their natural habitat in my new project. Get ready to enter in Horror Habitat, a new comfortzone-free place.  Maybe you’re not afraid to sleep alone... Well, you soon will be.

... If you dare join the community


Fratelli Noir

A new web series, written and directed by me.
Enjoy this comedy-crime series, available online only on the YouTube channel.

Get an insight into this project also on the website!


Bloody Village

A tourist village turned out to be the perfect excuse to make a horror movie. Enjoy the zero - scene of this new project, written and directed by me.

Discover more about this creeping story in the pipeline for Cinemas on the website.


Militello Independent Film Fest

I am proudly the founder and the artistic director of the Militello Independent Film Fest. Since the first edition we arrived at the starting line with sixty-one works in competition, selected out of the five thousand received, for a total of twenty-six countries represented. A short film contest was also scheduled. I wait for you all in the main square of Militello for the third edition!
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" Militello will have the most important independent film festival in Italy. "

New stories to tell

I keep working hard because there are always new stories to tell. 



I have supported from the very beginning this inspirational and surrealistic video-project written by Fanny Brancati. I find there’s great potential in this story, especially to explore new language modes on the web.

" My works symbolize the surreal, the magic of move the border of imagination. ."