Discover more about my Work

My work is not easy to explain. In this section I would like to show you what I'm working on now, my projects and the concept behind them.

Fratelli Noir

A new web series, written and directed by me.
Enjoy this comedy-crime series, available online only on the YouTube channel.

Get an insight into this project also on the website!

Bloody Village

A tourist village turned out to be the perfect excuse to make a horror movie. Enjoy the zero - scene of this new project, written and directed by me.

Discover more about this creeping story in the pipeline for Cinemas on the website.

Militello Independent Film Fest

I am proudly the founder and the artistic director of the Militello Independent Film Fest. Since the first edition we arrived at the starting line with sixty-one works in competition, selected out of the five thousand received, for a total of twenty-six countries represented. A short film contest was also scheduled. I wait for you all in the main square of Militello for the third edition!
For more information click here.

" Militello will have the most important independent film festival in Italy. "

Daniele Gangemi

New stories to tell

I keep working hard because there are always new stories to tell. 


I have supported from the very beginning this inspirational and surrealistic video-project written by Fanny Brancati. I find there’s great potential in this story, especially to explore new language modes on the web.

" My works symbolize the surreal, the magic of move the border of imagination. ."