Some of my Interviews

In this section you will find a little selection of the interviews that I've made throughout the years.

My interview for L.i.a.f.

Stressful jobs, pressing deadlines and a busy lifestyle are factors that influence smokers' habits.
Here, on the microphones of LIAF, I am telling more about my fight against smoking.


The Movie Business LIVE SHOW

Enjoy this live streaming of The Movie Business, one of the main italian Cinema communities! Here the unforgettable first episode of this new adventure.


Live on Radio Studio Centrale

They call my sit-com Fratelli Noir "the record tv series".  So then... are you not curious to find out what Renny and Francois told during the broadcast on RSC? Listen to the interview here!


Al Cinema con Daniele

For a long time I wanted to face of a microphone and tell stories about Cinema and my life and history as a director, that's why I was so excited to take part as guest of the Radio Program "le due del mattino" , live every monday (Channel 18 digital or Telejonica onTV)


On LIVE Sicilia

My new sit-com Fratelli Noir is coming to Town... Here is an interview that I released before the official launch of the web-series on YouTube.


On Radio Zammù

The radio has been my first passion and I still really like live shows, the magic of bringing together stories and transforming them into something different.


Sicily Farm Film Festival 2020

From the amazing Valley of the Temples in Agrigento for the awarding gala of the Sicily Farm Film Festival. Here I still did not know that my music video "Silenzio al silenzio" was going to win the Special Prize of the Jury.



I always took the occasion to talk about Cinema. This was supposed to be a tele-portrait, but I don’t like talking about me, so I brought the discourse on my favorite subject: my job.


La strana coppia

Radio remains my first love, and I try not to miss a chance to put me behind the mic. And what better occasion to talk about the Militello Independent Film Festival than this?


About "Una notte blu cobalto"

On TVN to talk about my first Feature Film. It's never easy try to explain to others what’s in and out of a movie-set, and above all what leads to a great result.


On Live Sicilia

I'll keep  this interview to remind me to always ask for a a sound guy on the set.