Some of my Work as Director

Unlike all the other art forms, Cinema is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.
Andrei Tarkovsky

There are stories that deserve to be told, and in this poignant confession we will discover what each father would like to say to his son. The subjectivation of the documentary in this work is no longer a stylistic code, but becomes a universal and archetypal story. I hope that anyone, as a spectator, can grasp what I have tried to convey. Find out more here.

A tiptoe journey through the folds of time and memories along the imperceptible line of destiny that wanted to accompany Mario Venuti on this wonderful journey into the world of music and entertainment. Discover more on website!

" Qualcosa Brucia Ancora is intended to be the cinematic opportunity to retrace the story of Mario Venuti, one of the most important contemporary Sicilian singer-songwriters."


"Ecco perchè" advermovie

The variety of boarding schools  is so great that sometimes it's not easy to choose... In my new advermovie "That's why" you can find the lively response from the students themselves


Inno della pettegola

People think that it was just gossip, but... I have really directed the "official" hymn of the tattletale! A tribute to the great Franca Valeri in a brilliant performance of Dario Gay e Platinette.

Let's meet all the players of my new Series Fratelli Noirthat I wrote exclusively for the web. It's a noir story that shifts towards comedy... Enjoy it while it lasts! 


A tourist village turned out to be the perfect excuse to make a horror movie. Enjoy the zero - scene of this new project, written and directed by me.


Silenzio al silenzio

A fencing match becomes a symbol and a metaphor to narrate a lovers quarrel.


I couldn’t resist the idea of directing this surrealistic story,  or it would be better to say telling this story, as a part of an art photography and video project destined to become a web-series...  Feel free to browse!


Little Lamb

While traveling with the body, the soul does a journey within himself,  that brought transformation.


I'm really proud to have created this awareness-raising campaign involving the most famous faces  of the small and big screen.


Una notte blu cobalto

Here the trailer of my first feature film,  "Best First Feature" at the 42° "Worldfest International Independent Film Festival" (Houston, Texas).


Safari Now

Sometimes we have to struggle against ourselves, not against the system. Proudly in  Official Selection at the BBC Music Video Festival 2013.



Time divides more than space these two women. And time  reveals the possibility for them of being independent and free to express themselves without any conditionings.


Bianco cistite

Inspired by a novel by Luigi Pirandello, the eternal dilemma  of the socially committed artist: who we are and who we'd like to be.


Boicottatori di Nylon

In this musicvideo  everything's been so surreal and just, you know, amazing.


Militello Independent Film Fest Promo

Click to watch the promotional video that I made for the First Edition of my beloved International Independent Film Festival... Of which I am founder, artistic director, and standing ovation starter.


Aiutare i bambini è un atto di fede

I am proud to have directed the great Fioretta Mari for this awareness campaign in defense of children.


Torre del Grifo rehabilitation centre Promo

A professional footballer and an ordinary person share the same diagnosis.


Acrylic Contemporary World

Sometimes the inspiration arrives in the form of a muse and the artist is overwhelmed by her, becoming a pure intermediary  between men and the supernatural forces of art.


Alter Ego

From the attic, my first Short Movie. A demanding, single long uninterrupted take entirely shot on Super8.